Dec 23, 2016
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2016 Karlberg Tournament

This year’s Karlberg tournament was very exciting. We had a new double elimination format. Going into the finals Dave Mosely had not lost any matches and was up against Dale Robson. The match was won by Dale by a small margin. Since Dave had not lost previously they had to play a second match. The second match was just as exciting as the first. Dave was ahead going into the tenth and final end and had two bowls right on the jack. With his last bowl Dale managed to hit those two bowls leaving his bowl closest to the jack and winning 7-6.

It seems everyone enjoyed the double elimination format which provided an opportunity for more play. Congratulations to Dale and Dave for a very well played tournament.

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Dec 2, 2016
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Olympic Bowling Anyone?



As sports leaders try to make lawn bowling an Olympic event, the coming US Open in Sarasota has suddenly grown in national significance. “It allows a huge influx of dollars to be shared for the sport,” says Daniel Jittu, president of the Sarasota Lawn Bowling Club. “Our expectation is some of that, and some of the tournaments leading up to decide who is representing the US, happens here.”

Gary Smith, CEO for World Bowls, announced earlier this month that the organization had formally launched the process of seeking International Olympic Committee recognition of lawn bowling. “This positive development will be welcomed by our global bowls community,” he says. The organization will submit further paperwork before the end of August and the IOC is expected to consider the application for recognition at a meeting this December. This means no decision will be made before the Olympics this summer in Brazil and recognition of the sport is just the first step in a lengthy process to events actually being included in the Olympic games.

But with the US Open scheduled this year in Sarasota for Nov. 12–19, just a month before the IOC’s winter meeting. Jittu’s organization will host the event, which he expects to draw 250 to 300 players from more than 50 countries. He hopes the fact Sarasota has tournament quality lawn bowling courts, located on the Sarasota Bayfront, will be a boon as the sport grows. “My understanding is as early as this time, we would be considered an Olympic-accepted venue,” he says. And while the US is still considered a developing nation in the decidedly old world sport, some of the best players in the US live and train here.

Dec 18, 2015
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2015 Karlberg Tournament Recap


This year the Karlberg tournament was held over a period of two weeks with play occurring on both Tuesday nights and Saturdays.  This format allowed for those not participating to both bowl and watch the action.  Several of the matches were close, some even going into extra end tie-breakers.

IMG_0615After a delay due to rain and hail Ken and Dale headed out for the singles finals.  The lawn was wet and slow but that did not

deter our bowlers.  Both bowled well but Ken was on the top of his game and edged out Dale for the championship.

The pairs was won by Dale and Stephan M after several well-played matches.

After the singles win the group of players and spectators enjoyed a hearty meal cooked by Dave M. and added to by the pot luck dishes everyone brought.

Awards were presented by Ralph Karlberg after whom the tournament is named and Steve Talkington after which a cake was devoured in honor of Ralph’s upcoming 95th birthday.  Happy Birthday Ralph!  In addition a bit of champagne was had in honor of Steve who will be leaving Colorado for a new chapter of his life in Bellingham, Washington.  Thanks to Steve for all of the organization and especially his work to improve the lawn over the past few years.  We will miss you and expect frequent visits each year.


Dec 8, 2015
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2015  IS HERE, JOIN US IN THE FUN !!!!!!

We start a new season in the April pre-season roll ups. Then in May we start off at 6 pm with a grill out and potluck on the 1st Tuesday evenings. The other Tuesdays we have hot dogs for those that cannot grab a bite after work on the way to bowl. On Saturdays we bowl at 1 pm until it gets warmer and then we start at 11 am to beat the heat.

2014 was a great success. Thank you all for a great year. After we have our annual meeting (April 16th) and elections, we will post a review of 2014 and our club expectations for 2015.

In the meantime, pay your dues online or bring a check to a bowling night.

Please consider joining the Bowls USA and enjoy being a part of the national bowls organization. There are many benefits to joining Bowls USA. It is only $35.00 that includes membership in the Central Division.


Dec 8, 2015
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We are starting our 2015 season, join us!!

Welcome to our website. We are starting to kick off our 2015 season.

We are bowling at 6 pm on Tuesday evenings, and 1 pm on Saturdays.

For April we are in the pre-season mode until May. We do not know what the weather will be like in April but we count on better weather in May.

In May we will start having our first Tuesday grill out and potluck.  We will have an open house in May.

The other Tuesdays we will have hotdogs for the hungry who do not have time after work to  eat and bowl.

Join us when you can and enjoy the sport of Lawn Bowling.

Dec 13, 2014
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The 2014 Karlberg Tournament

What a wonderful day we all had last Saturday holding the WPLBC championship tournaments. The weather was good, the temperature was great, and the green rolled well. Many people showed up to roll or watch the players.

Ralph Karlberg came, bowled (well) and also handed out the trophies to the winners. He also won the Spyder game as well.

Why do we like Ralph? He is the last of the former members from the WPLBC. He is 93 years old now and still bowls well. He cannot drive now, but his daughter Ann, drives him to our annual events of singles and doubles, named after Ralph. He is a great gentleman and was an officer of the club for 30 years. We did have a special cake with his name on it that day.

We bowled the Singles and also the Novice first.

Donna played Trask in Novice and Geoff played Dave in the singles.

Ralph Karberg Singles, WELL DONE GEOFF!!!!

Both Dave and Geoff bowled well to get to the finals. It was a much anticipated final match to determine the best singles player in the club. Both Dave and Geoff played many opponents to get to the finals.

In the finals Geoff defeated Dave to keep the singles championship in the family. Geoff’s dad Kieth from Cornwall, England has won the singles the last two years. We now have a traveling trophy with winner names on it for the singles champions.

Ron Eccles Novice, WELL DONE DONNA!!!!

After many matches, Donna and Trask emerged as the finals players. Donna was the winner over Trask. Both are new members this year and should be proud of the way they have progressed to reach the finals. Both have shown they are good bowlers. Well done to both of you. Donna is a good example of how hard work and consistent practice can increase your bowling skills to improve.

Ralph Karlberg Doubles., WELL DONE DALE AND KEN!!!!

With the doubles, Dale and Ken won the championship. Ron was to play but had to be in NYC that day. Ken filled in for Ron.

Steve and Trask (Novice) bowled well but in the 13th and 14th end, Dale and Ken bowled better.

Next year, we will have these tourneys and add a woman’s tourney. If you did not play this year, maybe we can sign you up next year.

It was easy to get your matches played in two weeks. It was fun bowling your best in a competition. The finals were great fun for the players and also those who free bowled and then cheered on the tournament players. Everyone sure enjoyed the steaks, salmon and and the rest of the food. There was no leftover cake

We will see you next year.

Dec 29, 2012
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The 2012 Karlberg Tournament by the WPLBC

The Annual Karlberg Open hosted by the Washington Park Lawn Bowling Club, September 15,2012, was rewarded with the beauty of a beautiful Denver fall day. Guests from Sun City Arizona, New York City and Cornwall, England joined the WPLBC members to compete and to honor Ralph Karlberg for his services over the past 40 years. The closeness of all the matches spoke to the improvement and high level of bowling by the club members.

Geoff and Keith Loadman (Geoff Loadman’s dad from Cornwall England), returned that morning from competing in the United States Lawn Bowls Association US Open in California. This father and son team provided a high bar for the competition.

Matches were played in four end matches in a round robin to try and match skill and competition created by President Ron Eccles

Master Greens Keeper and bowler, Steve Talkington sacrificed his bowling matches to don his “Chefs Hat” and supply an abundance of food for all. He whipped up steaks, chicken, baked potatoes, beans, salad and corn on the cob, provided by Gail Kilyk, on the tiny club grill.

As always dessert was served with a great cake from Melissa Barrett, Brownies from Suanne Dell and cheesecake from Jim Smrz. Wine was provided by Ken Hopper treasurer of the New York City Lawn Bowling Club in Central Park, NYC. Ron Eccles of Croquet Marketing of America provided water and Beer. And Jim Smrz brought lemonade for all.

No doubt about it The Washington Park Lawn Bowling Club values it’s Social Side of Bowling!

Members and guests battled under sunny skies competing in four end rounds to the finish. Some of the best looking heads you can picture occurred with many close measurements. With the exception of Gale, being stuck on rink one; a scheduling error, combatants rotated through the five lawns. The day slowly unfolded displaying the strength of the field. A strong performance was given by all.

Presentation of awards were given to:

1st Keith Loadman Cornwall, England

2nd Ralph Karlberg Denver Colorado

3rd Geoff Loadman Denver Colorado

4th John Buckley Castle Rock Co. & Sun City Arizona

5th Earle Howey Grand Lake Colorado & Sun City Arizona

6th Ken Hopper New York City, New York

7th Jim Smrz Denver Colorado

8th Matt Tuffli Denver Colorado

9th Dale Robson Golden Colorado

10th Ron Eccles Denver Colorado

11th Melissa Barrett Denver Colorado

12th Suanne Dell Denver Colorado

13th Gail Kilyk Denver Colorado

14th Steve Talkington Denver Colorado

15th Sue Howey Grand Lake Colorado & Sun City Arizona

The Tournament concluded with a “Waterford Doubles”, won by the team of Earle Howey and Steve Talkington. The second place team was Ken Hooper and Sue Howey with the third place finish to Geoff Loadman and Melissa Barrett.

Jim Smrz and other players worked as Markers when not in a game and all thank them for their help.

A special thanks to Suanne Dell for creating all the awards and special certificates. And a BIG SHOUT-OUT to all the Washington Park Lawn Bowling Club members and guests for helping and participating in the 2012 Karlberg Open.

Dec 27, 2012
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Queen's Birthday Celebration A Success!

On 21 April 2012 at 6 O’clock PM the Denver Croquet Club and the Washington Park Lawn Bowling Club Celebrated on the Lawn in Washington Park for their 7th Annual Celebration and the Queen’s 86th Birthday. They celebrated with Champagne,Birthday Cake, sausages and tasty’s, including grilled appetizers.

The Queen’s schedule this year did not allow her to be in attendance, but both Bowlers and Croqueters had a wonderful evening!

Dec 23, 2012
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Karlberg Tournament- September 15th 2:00pm

Put it on your calenders, folks.  The annual end of the year Karlberg Tournament will take place on September 15th at 2:00pm.

We’ll begin with singles play followed by food and socializing an finally, Waterford doubles. Partners will be determined by a hi/low draw before play.

Play will begin at 2:00pm on September 15th, 2012!

The Ralph Karlberg tournament is The Washington Park Lawn Bowling Club’s celebration of Lawn Bowling in Washington Park since 1924. Bring your favorite food or beverage and come join us for a fun day of bowling, eating, and socializing.

Ralph Karlberg has been a champion of the WPLBC. Throughout the years he devotedly showed up on bowling days, often to stand alone, ready to set the green and bowl against all comers. He served more than the continuous position of treasurer required. Come celebrate and enjoy the afternoon of food, fun and bowling and say thanks to Ralph.

$10.00 Suggested Donation for players, $5.00 suggested for non-players.  Register online!

Dec 16, 2012
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Introducing Online Registration

Well, we’ve made it to the 21st Century, everyone!  You can now click Register Online! to join the Washington Park Lawn Bowling Club.  Here are our membership options:

WPLBC Club Membership $100.00

Club Membership includes Tuesday Night Bowls membership and access to all equipment and the Lawn in Washington Park.

WPLBC Association Membership $135.00

This full membership level not only includes Club Membership and Tuesday Night Bowls, but also includes an additional membership to the United States Lawn Bowls Association of which WPLBC is a part. Support WPLBC’s national involvement by becoming a full Association Member!

Tuesday Night Bowls

This Tuesday night league is for individuals and includes all equipment and instruction. Players usually bring something to share and grill beginning at 6:00 PM, as socializing is a big part of Lawn Bowling. At 6:45 PM there is a draw to see whom you will bowl against. Bowling usually ends around 9:00 PM. 21 years of age and older.

Preseason Roll-Up               $25.00

May 1st – May 22nd

Summer League                    $50.00

May 29th – July 24th

Fall League                              $50.00

July 31st – September 11th


Come on out and enjoy Lawn Bowling with us!



Please feel free to join us on any Tuesday night at 6pm for a free lesson. We bowl at 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and at 10 am on Saturday morning. If you want a free lesson at any other time or have any other questions please email us under Contact Us on this website.

Register Online!

Bowls USA

Active Older Adult Lawn Bowling Event

Olympic Bowling Anyone?


The club provides instructions, use of all equipment, set up and breakdown of the green plus tables and chairs for your event. Please visit the Group Outings tab above for more information or email us at Contact us on this website. We look forward to hosting your event.